Menarini Diagnósticos, Lda. has a strong image as an essential source of differentiated products and services for clinical and laboratory in vitro diagnosis.
Its setting is focused on growth towards leadership, assuming the quality of its products and presenting the market with flexible and superior performance solutions.
It aims at offering value and service and, as such, build customer loyalty.
Its perspective is to be the preferred partner of identified stakeholders.


The mission of Menarini Diagnósticos, Lda is:
To serve the needs of healthcare professionals by adding value to their activity.
To provide, through our equipment, reagents and clinical laboratory in vitro diagnostic systems, essential and fast information to our Customers, enabling them to specifically identify pathologies and monitor the health condition, making it possible to increase the quality of life.
We are committed to meeting the expectations of the Customers, in particular, and of the relevant stakeholders, in general, responding to their requirements and anticipating their needs and expectations, by effectively planning, managing processes and meeting our performance prospects, as well as the legal, regulatory and normative requirements.


For all Menarini Diagnósticos, Lda. Employees to commit themselves to their mission, the Board states that:

  • It develops and maintains a Quality Management System, based on risk-based thinking, in order to meet the requirements, the commitments taken, the definition and prosecution of the Company's goals, as well as the promotion and continuous process improvement of the whole Company;
  • It dedicates all energies and capabilities to listen to the requirements, needs and expectations of our Customers and other relevant stakeholders;
  • It focuses all activities on its Customers, striving to satisfy them as quickly and efficiently as possible and thus contribute to market leadership;
  • It consolidates partnerships in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation to ensure the safeguard and well-being of the Users, paying particular attention to the regulations related to in vitro diagnostic devices and medical devices;
  • It disseminates within the organisation cultural values and methodologies so that all Employees work to provide the best possible service from the perspective and expectations of the Customer;
  • It promotes a high level of Employee satisfaction so that maximum loyalty, sense of responsibility and commitment are continually evidenced;
  • It encourages all its Employees to develop their natural abilities, interests and competences, aiming at motivating them for their professional growth, thus promoting the technical and organisational competence growth of Menarini Diagnósticos, Lda.