Company Profile

Menarini Diagnostics Portugal was founded in 1991 and established its headquarters in Quinta da Fonte, Paço de Arcos, about 15 km west of Lisbon. It currently employs a team of 45 people, more than half of which hold positions in Sales, Marketing and Technical Support. Menarini Diagnostics Portugal ended the financial year 2021 with 18 million Euros in sales. 

Our performance owes its success to client-oriented strategies built around our team’s professional capabilities and our products’ unparalleled quality. Our shareholders and international managers provide us with the means to support our growth and development.

Menarini Diagnostics Portugal holds around 7% of the total market share in the in vitro diagnostics market, placing 5th in the country’s ranking.

It supplies products and services to the most important public and private hospitals and to clinical laboratories in Portugal, which gives it direct access to influential medical professionals and healthcare institutions. 

In the Laboratory Unit, we are leaders in numerous product lines such as Glycated Haemoglobin, Sedimentation Rate, Urinalysis and Urinary Sediment. The Autoimmunity, Electrophoresis, occult blood screening and Haematology product lines are some of our priorities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly reacted by developing unique diagnostic solutions using molecular biology for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR, POCT and conventional. 

In the Check Up Unit, the Glucomen Areo, a device used to monitor glucose and ketone levels in the blood, is an incredibly popular product among people with Diabetes and the healthcare practitioners who monitor them. With the Glucolog Lite app, this method allows for data to be wirelessly transferred to a digital log on a Smartphone. We launched a real-time continuous glucose monitoring system in Portugal, the GlucoMen Day CGM sensor, which we will make accessible during the year 2022 to people with type 1 diabetes.

The company is represented in APIFARMA’s (Portuguese Pharmaceutical Industry Association) Specialized Committee for Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures

“By knowing our client’s values we can improve our capacities” says Pedro Branco, Managing Director since 2001. He goes on to say that “key factors to success are: technology and its implementation, customer proximity and a good knowledge of the market. Flexibility plays a fundamental role in Menarini Diagnostics”.