Mindray SC-120

Slide Maker and Stainer


  • 7.8” LED touch screen used for management of smear and reagent, performing basic operation and maintenance.
  • All patient information, including 1D or 2D barcode, number, as well as text, can be printed on the slide with a thermal printer.
  • SC-120 is a standalone unit and it can also be integrated into the Mindray CAL 8000 automation line.
  • The STAT position ensures a faster blood smear preparation. This position can handle samples requiring only 40 μl of blood. SC-120 allows loading up to 180 slides at a time.

  • The blood spreader blade is made of highly durable sapphire glass. Blood volume, speed, as well as the angle of the blood spreader, are automatically adjusted according to the blood sample consistency.

  • Each staining cassette holds a single slide, eliminating stain evaporation. These cassettes can be cleaned automatically without any manual intervention.
  • SC-120 supports common protocols, including Wright stain, Wright-Giemsa stain and May-Grünwald-Giemsa stain. All stain solutions can be recycled up to 20 times, allowing to save over 50 % of stains when compared to the conventional technologies.

  • All slides are heat dried before and after staining, optimizing staining quality and reducing contamination risk for the user.
  • The stained and dried slides are held in cassettes at the output area ready for microscopic review.

Technical Specifications:

Technological Principles

Automated slide making and staining by single instrument;

Automated detection of blood consistency and automated adjustment of blood volume, angle and speed of spreader in order to optimize quality of smear.

Stain Protocols

Wright stain, Wright-Giemsa stain and May-Grünwald-Giemsa stain with the possibility of recycling stains up to 20 times.


Up to 120 stained slides per hour.

Sample Volume

200 μl (autoloader and on track mode)

40 μl (microsample mode)


Built-in thermal printer for printing patient information: 1D or 2D barcode, number and text.


1 LAN port and 4 USB ports.


Standalone or on track (Mindray CAL 8000 automation line).


Load up to 50 sample tubes at once in random access.


Load up to 10 cassettes at once with 10 slides each.

Reagents and Consumables

Stains, buffer, Diluent (from BC-6800 analyser), Probe Cleanser (BC-6800 cleaning solution), slides (Mindray provided), methanol and deionized water.

Reagent Consumption

User-definable permitting up to 20 times recycling of stains.


Blood (slide making and staining)

Body fluid and bone marrow (staining only for prepared smears)

Sample Selectivity

Automatic slide making and staining based on user-definable re-exam criteria.


1 to 5 slides at a time per sample.

Spreader blade material

Sapphire glass