Labs today are facing great challenges: increasing requirements for high quality as well as reliable products with limited budgets. The understanding of our customers’ needs leads us to use them as the foundation for the new Mindray BC-3600 solution. Complete, with an intuitive operation system, convenient data communication interface and excellent performance, BC-3600 is a system solution for small labs.


Haematology Autoanalyzer

  • CBC + 3-DIFF: 21 parameters + 3 histograms
  • Totally automated, compact, versatile at low cost
  • Throughput: 60 tests per hour
  • Intuitive operation system with TFT touch screen
  • Closed tube (CT) or open vial (OV) sampling optional
  • Automatic sample probe cleaning
  • 40.000 results storage with histograms

Practical and Safe

  • Low sample and reagent volumes required
  • Shortcut menu and function for automatic removal of operational errors to simplify work process and improve efficiency
  • Automatic maintenance programs and functions for automatic clog removal to reduce time wasted by operator in maintenance
  • Reminder function for monitoring reagent residual volumes
  • Cyanide free hemoglobin reagents to meet environmental regulations

High Quality Design

  • Compact size with reduced bench space required
  • TFT color screen with intuitive and organized software to easily manage sample results, patient records and report cutomizations
  • Built-in printer allows automatic printing after each test

Enhanced Performance and Accuracy

  • Advanced counting and dynamic tracking technologies to expand linearity and enhance accuracy significantly
  • Robust signal frequency analysis method to deliver more accurate platelet counting
  • Calibration and quality control programs and complete traceability system to ensure closest consistency with standard methods

Operative procedures

  • Step 1: Sampling and dilution totally automated
  • Step 2: Results in one minute; all parameters are visualized and printed
  • Step 3: Customizable multi-format printing