System Capacity

  • Up to 240 samples: 8 x 30-tubes racks
  • Up to 30 slides : 2 x 15-slides racks
  • Up to 384 wells for dilution and titration: 4x96-well plates, 1.2 ml volume

Scalable throughput

  • ~1h for 5 x 12-well slides
  • 2.5 hrs for 15 x 12-wells slides
  • 5 hrs for 30 x 12-wells slides

Optimized workflow

  • Automatic samples pre-dilutions from different primary tubes in the same analytical session
  • 3 needles: two precision dispensing needles and one aspiration needle to increase slides preparation speed
  • The slides at the end of the process are completely mounted, including media and coverslip
  • Open configuration for multiple IIF assays set-up
  • Automatic calculation of reagent volume consumption
  • 1D and 2D integrated barcode readers for full reagent and samples traceability

Standardized results

  • High-precision pipetting
    • Capacitive level sensor for reliable pipetting performance
    • From 5μl to 1000μl pipetting volume
  • Standardization of the washing phase
    • Separate channels for dispensation and aspiration of the washing liquid
    • Two different washing modes for cells and tissues (multi drop or continuous flow) 
  • Avoid carry over contamination
    • Metal needles, (not coated), washable internally and externally

ZENIT FLOW + ZENIT FAST: A winning combination in IIF slide preparation and scanning

ZENIT FLOW is designed to work with ZENIT fast to increase lab productivity thanks to parallel processing and scanning. This configuration can be easily adapted to any routine due to exceptional flexibility and modularity.

Parallel slide processing and scanning with no lead time

30-slide workload of ZENIT FLOW can combine with the ZENIT fast series-load batches, for true parallel operation of devices to increase overall throughput and minimize the time-to-result.


  • One Single PC working station to manage both ZENIT FLOW and ZENIT fast
  • Multiple ZENIT FLOW and ZENIT fast units can be connected to one single PC working station
  • ZENIT Hub centralised middleware ensuring full traceability and Bi-directional LIS connection
  • Throughput can be increased and tailored according to the user's needs

1 peristaltic pump; 2 aspiration pumps; 2 x 1,25mL syringe pumps


Samples: Linear barcode reader with focal adjustment

Slides: Data matrix, Aztec Code, Han Xin, Micro QR Code and QR Code.

Slides capacity

Up to 30 slides

Samples capacity

Up to 240 samples

N. Controls

Up to 20 vials

N. Diluent

Up to 10 slots for diluent bottles

N. Reagents

Up to 17 slots for conjugate and mounting media bottles

N. coverslips

2x Dispenser with a capacity of up to 30 coverslips each (referred to 24x60x0.1mm and 24x64x0.1mm)

Dilution cuvettes

384 (4x 96-wells consumable blocks, 1.2mL volume)


3 (2 precision needles and 1 for aspiration)

Slide washing

Continuous flow or multi drop

Liquid detection

Capacitive level sensor

Pipetting volume

5* μl -1000 μl

External tanks (with sensors)

2x5L Buffers, 1x5L Wash, 1x5L Waste

Environmental setting - Work session


15-35 °C


35% - 80% non condensing

Power supply, Entry level

AC 100-240V at 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

Max 150VA

Acoustic Emissions

<63db (1mt), <72db Alarm


< 2000m


Device Size (WHD)


Device Weight

100 kg

Packaging Size (WHD)


Weight of the instrument inside the crate

160 kg


from 0 to 55 °C


20%-85% RH (No dew condensation or icing allowed),

ZENIT FLOW is an open platform and can host multiple IIF assays set-up.


For more information regarding A.Menarini Diagnostics Zenit IFA reagents portfolio, please visit the dedicated web page ZENIT Reagents

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